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Forest and Wildlife Ecology 565
Spring 2009
(cross-listed with Zoology, Landscape Architecture)

Lecture Handouts

Intro & history  PDF

Concepts  PDF

Scale & hierarchy  PDF

Abiotic constraints  PDF


Pattern  PDF

Remote Sensing  PDF (16 MB)

Land use change  PDF

Lab 1  PDF

Population and Landscape structure I  PDF

Population and Landscape structure II  PDF

Social and Cultural Aspects  PDF

Models in landscape ecology I  PDF

Disturbance and equilibrium  PDF

Micro-landscapes  PDF

Conservation Biology - Wolves and Butterflies  PDF

Forest Disturbance: Insect defoliation  PDF

Sample Exams PDF

Watershed Hydrology  PDF

Lab Handouts

Lab 1

Gergel & Turner Ch. 2 (PDF)

Lab 1 Instructions (DOC)

Lab 1 Data sheet (DOC)

Lab 1 image (PDF)

Lab 1 image (JPG)

Lab 1 image subset (JPG)

Lab 2

Lab 2 Handout  (DOC)

Image 1 (ls1.gis)

Image 2  (ls2.gis)

Image 3 (njpb_a.gis)

Image 4 (njpb_b.gis)

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